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Giving young people a springboard to independent living

At Safe Haven Accommodation, we specialise in providing a range of supported accommodation and supported living services for semi-independent Looked After Children from the age of 16+.

Every young person is an individual and has different needs, preferences and desires which we recognise, respect and support.

Seeing the best in each one of our young people, we look beyond the surface to get to know and understand them.  This enables us to tailor our style to help them achieve the best outcomes for themselves.

Our dedicated team support our young people by:

  • safeguarding them
  • identifying their desires, skills and interests and supporting them with fulfilling and developing them
  • sourcing services, training, education and employment and making relevant referrals for the services chosen by them
  • teaching them the life skills they'll need in everyday life
  • creating SMART objectives for young people to support them to achieve their goals 

We take our duty to safeguard our young people very seriously.  Click here to read our Safeguarding Policy.

We appreciate the flexibility and responsiveness that Local Authorities need when it comes to placing young people in semi-independent supported accommodation.  Our service is set up to assist you, whatever the urgency of your needs.  

Having vast experience in this area, we are also mindful of the impact that a change of placement can have on a young person.  Our young person centric approach ensures we always strive to make their transition a smooth and positive experience.  

To find out more about finding the accommodation you need, get in touch with Safe Haven Accommodation today.